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Bishop's Corner

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Edwin M. Walker

The word of God tells us in Jeremiah 3:15 “And I will give you pastors according to mine heart, which shall feed you with knowledge and understanding”.


Bishop Walker is a God-fearing man given to serve as the pastor of Friendly Temple COGIC, located at 7745 S. State Street in Chicago, Illinois. He has served his church in various capacities and now serves as the Prelate of the Historic Illinois, Northern Jurisdiction. 

Bishop Walker works with various civic and community involved organizations.  He serves as president for Bread of Life Chaplains; formerly known as Cook County Chaplains Committee. This committee services the detainees of the Cook County correctional facilities.  He is also Founder & CEO of the Favors Walker Family Life Foundation, a not for profit organization whose goal is the empowerment of the community and its’ youth toward successful revitalization.

Being an anointed man of God, Bishop Walker flows as the Lord leads. He is endowed with wisdom and operates in many of the spiritual gifts. The anointing on his life and the dynamic ability to preach the word of God has made him a well sought-after minister to the body of believers.

Bishop Edwin Walker is a loyal husband to his lovely wife, Lady Salana Walker and a dedicated father of five children (three boys and two girls).

We are blessed to have a pastor that has a heart for holiness and a zeal for salvation. He is a source of inspiration and a great influence in the lives of the members of Friendly Temple COGIC and in the lives of countless believers.

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